Shanghai Daily 3: Cute puppies and the Propaganda Museum

Today is about getting a nice breakfast in one of the many nice breakfast places in Shanghai, visiting a pet store filled with cute [...]

This Amazing Timelapse Makes Me Want to Travel

This amazing timelapse by Jesse Attanasio shows how beautiful North-America can be. I wish I could one day visit those exact same places and make my [...]

China Vlog 6: Hongcun, world heritage, ancient village and a temple

On our third day in Huangshan, we decided to visit Hongcun village, a beautifully preserved village in Anhui, China that has been recognized by UNESCO [...]

China Vlog 5: Lion Peak, Dispersing Clouds, Monkey Gazing Over The Sea

Hi guys! Check out day 2 of our Huangshan adventure where we plan to visit Lion Peak to see the sunset, the Dispersing Clouds, the Purple [...]

China Vlog 4: Huangshan Fairy Bridge, clouds and a beautiful sunset

Huangshan, Yellow Mountains. A beauty you should not underestimate when you visit China, it is truly a hike that will bring you above the clouds! [...]

Huangshan Brightness Peak Yellow Mountain drone

Hi Guys, check out a little preview of our Yellow Mountains adventure where we show you the beautiful sunset on huangshan brightness peak. A beautiful [...]