About Us

Welcome to Some Sunshine! We are Nathan and Laurence, a couple from Belgium currently living our best lives in Bali.

It all started in a supermarket in Ghent. That’s where we met and the adventures began 🙂 

After having graduated, we packed our bags and moved to Shanghai. What was originally supposed to be a period of only 6 months, we somehow ended up living and working in Shanghai for over 3 years. Coming from Belgium where there’s not much to do, we immediately fell in love with China’s biggest and most vibrant city. Moving to Shanghai also meant traveling through the Middle Kingdom and exploring other awesome places in Asia, like JapanVietnam,.. 

Life was good, we had nice jobs, had 3 cats (Bagel, Peanut & Muffin), and were very happy. But living in Shanghai can be quite intense and after three years, we felt the need to travel more to get away from China. We needed some time time off, so we had planned a weekend getaway in a desolated hotel in Phuket to unwind and relax. On our way to the airport however, our driver fell asleep and we were in a car crash in the middle of the highway. This was the first time that we ever experienced what adrenaline can really do to your body. After crashing into the vehicle in front of us, we jumped out of the car in the middle of traffic, and immediately found a new taxi to drive us to Pudong Airport. It’s quite surreal now to think how everything went so fast after the moment of impact. Once arrived at the airport, we had to sign some documents saying that we were able to travel by plane. One hour later we boarded our flight to Bangkok. During the flight though, Nathan’s left eye started to sting very badly, and his vision turned blurry. We had to rush to the hospital during our 3-hour transfer in Bangkok. Our trip to Phuket turned into a hospital packed holiday. Nathan needed eye drops every hour, he couldn’t swim, we both looked beaten and bruised, and we definitely were not able to relax. The end of the trip left us rather sad, because we really didn’t want to go back to Shanghai. It was there, in a nice coffee shop in the Old Town of Phuket, all bruised up, that we decided to move to Bali for a couple of months and try something new. 

So now here we are. Three years and zero regrets later, we’re still very much enjoying our lives in Asia! 

We’ve both had our fair share of traveling already, so why not share our experiences and tips of the places we visited with the rest of the world? It would be a shame to travel to so many nice countries without having a place to store or to share these memories. So that’s how Some Sunshine came to life, our travel blog where we share our memories, tips, experiences and guides, hoping to inspire other people and help them plan their next destination.

Happy traveling,

Nathan & Laurence