Nathan & Laurence & You

Let's collaborate!

Tell Your Story

As a creative couple, both of us have had a long time experience in both copywriting, story telling and marketing brands to elevate their presence by telling their story. We can do the same for you through our Instagram, Stories, YouTube, Blog and an advertising campaign to create awareness about your brand in a way that people will remember. It's not about exposing a company, it's about revealing your identity.

Video Feature

We can feature your product or service in our "Wisdom Wednesday" YouTube series as long as it is in line with our wisdom Wednesday goals, which are to provide meaningful and helpful tips and suggestions of products or services that we personally have used and found use in.

Instagram Feature

If you have a product or service, we can implement this in our feed as long as we have the creative freedom to feature your product/feature following our own brand image as we don't want our posts to look like sponsored posts.

Video creation

We can help your brand stand out by creating a cinematic video telling your story or the story you want others to know about. We will help you become more memorable. This option is part of our "Monsoon-Marketing" business branch which we are currently developing into it's own entity.